July 26, 2021

Love Our Home – The Art of The Collected Wall

First up we have a room from the COCOCOZY Design House. I was inspired by collected walls throughout the entire design process and this room is no exception. I paired a combination of unlikely objects to create an engaging and unique addition to the space. I love how the window interacts with the wall and becomes apart of the collected wall.

Next up we have a lovely collected wall that beautifully melds books, a fireplace, firewood, and a tv to create a unique focal point in this room. I love the brick walls, dark statement fireplace, and white shelves. Together they really make this wall pop. I’ve got to say this room would be nowhere near as interesting without this wall!

Up next is a particularly spectacular space. I have stumbled across this image a handful of times and am always in awe. Between the arching book storage to the arched window with the perfect reading table underneath, this space takes the collected wall to a whole other level. I love the relationship between light, dark, and color in this space.

Now we have another space from the COCOCOZY Design House. From the beginning, I knew I wanted the dining room to have a statement-collected wall. The room just has the perfect space and entryway to be a major focal point. For this wall, I collected a variety of artwork overtime and sourced a variety of different frame sizes and colors to create interest.

This collected wall is simply stunning. The white built-in bookshelves create the perfect home for a curated collection of books and trinkets. Plus the ladder and artwork at the top really round out this design.

In this space, I love how the doorway leads into the collected wall and how the green interacts with the neutrals. More of a maximalist approach, this space packs a lot of objects and items into one space in an interesting way.

For the fun part, we are exploring a handful of spring/summer suiting perfect for visiting any of these collected walls. 

From left to right: Blazer 1 | Blazer 2 | Blazer 3 | Top 1 | Top 2 | Top 3

I hope you enjoyed exploring The Art of The Collected Wall!


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Cover Image – COCOCOZY Design House photographed by Reid Rolls | Image 1 – COCOCOZY Design House photographed by Melissa Gayle | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 – COCOCOZY Design House photographed by Reid Rolls | Image 5 | Image 6

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