September 28, 2021

Love Our Home – NEW YEARS DAY 2019 – design indulgence

Helloooooo?  Anybody there?

I’m just checking in with a quick post today because we are down at the beach having a low key holiday. 

I know you remember how bad Cami is in the car….

I gave her the sedative…..we put the bark collar on but the minute we pulled out of the driveway she started barking like crazy.  My husband and I looked at each other and realized that the collar wasn’t working so we drove straight to Pet Smart for a new one.

Priorities people.

Last night I cooked….I know…..who am I?  ha ha  I found this quick and easy recipe on Pinterest called Hoppin John [find it on myPinterest page] which I have never heard of but looked simple enough that I could handle!

I added some turkey sausage with it for protein and actually put mine on arugula instead of rice.  I’m nothing if not creative in the kitchen…haha.  I know you are supposed to eat black eyed peas on New Years Day but I like to buck the trend….

We had a wedding in the family last Saturday.  My step son got married and inherited 2 beautiful sweet girls….

In February he will be headed to Casablanca to live and in March we are going over there for another celebration.  I am already dreading that plane ride.  Have I mentioned what a crabby traveler I am?

On Friday I had lunch with my core group of design friends…..These girls have my heart….I am like the “mama” of the group though cause they are all younguns….

This is 2 days after I had my IPL laser treatment and what you can’t see is that I had to put my makeup on with a spackle knife. Today is almost a week later and the brown  spots are still pretty dark so note to self…..I am thinking it’s gonna take about 2 weeks for them to fade out completely!

I went to Ladisic Fine Homes holiday party and I thought I would share my outfit with you!

I stayed true to my fav colors…..

Here are a few other things I grabbed after Christmas for dirt cheap….

I know….yawn.  Black cream and beige.  My “box” is small.

I hope all of you had a great NYE…..We finished watching The Wire….which was great so now I am on the hunt for something else.  I did manage to stay up until midnight:)

I wish all the best for you in 2019!



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