September 28, 2021

Love Our Home – FRIDAY THIS AND THAT – design indulgence

I am trying to get a fashion post together….but those take a lot of time and I am deep in “lighting hell” right now trying to get the decorative lighting together for 2 renovations…..

I love my clients…..yes I do…..but it’s like herding cats to get them to focus.  Meanwhile I have the project managers texting me everyday….“we need lights”.…haha

So we have a little of everything today.

Things are moving along with my #EPF project.

Picking paint colors….  The one in the middle is the BM color that I picked and the other 2 were color matched with SW….they were too yellow!  Some colors can’t be translated through other paint companies.  One of those is my favorite BM White Dove.  SW can’t match that one.

Here is the next one…a pretty renovation in Brookhaven.  

They are both supposed to be finished by Sept 30! You can see why I’m scurrying to get everything picked out!

When I was sick….I got flowers from a group of artist and designers…..I love my tribe so much!

Last weekend I binged this Netflix series called Say I Do.  So good….and I love all three of these guys!  Jeremiah Brent did all of the design and they were some gorgeous weddings.

I was at a clients house the other day and check out the containers at her front door!

I made a trip to ADAC and saw these spool chairs painted a pretty beige with a ticking….


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